How Likely Is It, Really, That The United States Might Have A Second Civil War?

by Shelt Garner

A steady stream of people come to this blog interested in my (often drunk) ranting about the possibility of a Second American Civil War. I think we’re still too far out to know for sure one way or another.

But we’re getting there. Things are beginning to come to a head for us to know one way or another.

One thing that really muddles things is it’s the MAGA New Right that is the one so fixated on a second civil war of some sort. So, you hear the most buzz about a civil war from the one group that has the most to lose from one starting — the MAGA New Right.

Meanwhile, the Blue States are very blasé about the fact that the moment in time when they have to decide if they’re going to “bend a knee” to the MAGA New Right is rushing towards them at an alarming rate.

As such, I think we’ll know a lot more about what’s potentially going to happen after Roe is officially overturned in June – July. If the Blue States begin to freak out, then, yeah, there’s a chance that when the 2024 election is brazenly stolen because of Steve Bannon’s “administrative coup” then we may have a civil war. But if it’s a meh, then, lulz, no. We’re just going to become an autocracy.

So, I would say keep an eye on events between the moment Roe is officially overturned and January 2023 when the 2022 mid-term vote is certified. So, around February 2023, we’re going to know if we’re just going to slip peacefully into autocracy or if we’re pretty sure going to stumble into a civil war.

If Trump either or becomes Speaker of the House and / or decides to run for POTUS again in 2024….then, yeah. Blue States are probably going to seriously contemplate leaving the Union to the point that we may have a civil war.

Which, of course, would suck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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