What The Fuck Is Going On With MonkeyPox?

by Shelt Garner

This is not meant to be an informative post so much as a mulling of what is generally known and what it might mean. When it comes to MonkeyPox, we have something of a medical mystery on our hands. It could be this all just a lulz and it could mean that there is community spread of MonkeyPox for some reason that we don’t understand yet.

I’m worried.

There are some things we have to understand before going any further — MonkeyPox is not deadly and we have a vaccine. But, from what I can tell, if you get it you’re not doing anything productive for a while. And it’s scary looking, so that, unto itself could be enough to cause people to freak out if, for some reason, MonkeyPox is now more transmittable.

The fear is, of course, that the same political dynamic that hampered our abiilty to slow the spread of COVID will pop up with MonkeyPox. But the thing that has me worried the most is, something weird is going on with MonkeyPox — it seems, at least, to be spreading a lot easier than it should.

It seems, a least, that there is community spread like we saw in the early days of COVID. I would suggest you keep an eye on celebrities — if a celebrity catches MonkeyPox and admits it like Tom Hanks did, that could cause the US to shut down for a while like COVID did in the early days — even with the existence of a MonkeyPox vaccine.

Only time will tell, however. It could really go either way. It could be that MonkeyPox is going to equal COVID19 in regards to political, economic and historic significance and it could be a lulz. I will note, in passing, that during COVID that a number of political parties across the globe in democracies were rewarded by handling the pandemic well.

Theoretically, if Biden proved adept at managing any sort of large spread MonkeyPox outbreak, it might help Democrats significantly in the 2022 midterms. If Republicans allow it, of course. The fuckers.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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