National Divorce: The Rump USA of Trumplandia

by Shelt Garner

For some time now, it’s been a talking point of the Far Right that they want a “National Divorce.” This is, of course, completely bonkers given that the Red movement is ascendant. What they can’t get through the courts, they will get politically eventually via how elderly and weak willed the Blue leadership is.

So, logically, should it happened, it will be Blue States who serve the papers of any National Divorce. And if there was a National Divorce, it would cause a civil war that would be extremely destructive for both sides. But let’s suppose that Blue States leave the Union and Red States — after a spasm of panic trying to keep them in the Union.

What would this new, rump USA (Trumplandia) look like?

Well, the key thing I think for us to realize is how many people with center-Left leanings provide that Trumplandia economy with critical education, talent, training and knowledge. Millions of Blue Americans in Trumplandia will flee to Blue States should there be any National Divorce.

In short, the Trumplandia economy would — at least initially — implode if there really was a National Divorce. And, what’s more, there is the issue of race. The natural inclination of Trumplandia would be to disenfranchise African Americans to the point that they would face the choice of either fleeing to Blue States or revolting. This would lead to a severe amount of instability in Trumplandia, especially in the Deep South, to the point that that, in itself, might be a flashpoint between the newly independent Blues and Trumplandia.

So, a National Divorce between Blues and Reds — even if initially successful — could simply be the prelude to an even bigger clusterfuck. So, again, anyone — Blue or Red — who wants to National Divorce should think long and hard before they support it.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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