It Appears The United States’ Decent Into Autocracy Is A Foregone Conclusion

by Shelt Garner

I’ve pretty much seen enough — rather than have any sort of civil war, the United States is going to become a Hungary-style autocracy. I say this because the American center-Left has proven itself to be complete ineffectual. Combine this with how the entire edifice of the Republican Party is now fascist and I just don’t see how we don’t slouch our way into autocracy at some point after 2025.

Things won’t change initially, of course. But gradually, in fits and starts someone like a President DeSantis is going to gradually throttle what’s left of traditional American democracy.

And we’re going to let it happen with our eyes wide open. There will be a lot of gnashing of teeth on the part of Twitter liberals as all of this happens, but in the end they’re simply going to leave the country — I predict a least 1 million in the first few years.

Now, this is not an abstract to me. I’m a loudmouth crank who is often drunk and as our new autocrat consolidates power it is inevitable — because form follows function — that even that most prized of American rights, freedom of speech, will no longer exist.

All my hysterical predictions from the first Trump Administration will happen, just a number of years after I initially predicted them. Remember, the people who voted for orange dingus in 2016 wanted an autocrat. Trump has shown how weak America’s democratic institutions are and as such, once someone like DeSantis is POTUS they will know they can get away with some pretty white knuckled autocracy and people will abide by it.

The great irony is, of course, that the MAGA New Right is hysterical about how much they want to murder people like me in cold blood for political reasons that they — and a lot of third party observers — get wrapped up in the fanciful idea that Reds will start some sort of civil war.

This is a very dumb belief. Reds have no reason to start a civil war and it would be a massive, historic self-own on their part if they did such a thing. They just have a vested interest in keeping the peace so they can inevitably consolidate power without firing a shot.

There, are, any number of scenarios you could think up were we have a civil war but most of them require some pretty massive screw ups on the part of the MAGA New Right. If there is a Second American Civil War, it’s going to happen when Blue States leave the Union en masse.

The only reason why I can’t 100% predict there won’t be a civil war is, lulz, I can’t predict the future and any number of totally unexpected things could happen that might force Blue States to feel they have no other option but to leave the Union through a “National Divorce” and, as such, precipitate a civil war.

But, for the time being, I would advise you to get ready for A Very American Autocracy. The center-Left is fiddling while American democracy burns by being “woke” and getting way too wrapped up in things like pronouns. Autocracy is really, really popular in the United States at the moment and, as such, when the next Republican becomes president, that’s all she wrote for the American birthright of democracy.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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