The Possible Fourth Reich: You Say You Want A (MAGA) (Counter) Revolution

by Shelt Garner

I study my Webstats way too much and the one keyword that continues to bring a trickle of people to this obscure Website is the word “revolution” in the context of MAGA. Now, I’ve dismissed this to date because while I could think up a reason to believe there might be a Blue-initiated Second American Civil War, I just could not see how we might have a “MAGA Counter-Revolution.”

But now, I’m beginning to think there might just be a MAGA counter-revolution should Trump get re-elected in 2024. He’s just growing more and more radical as is his MAGA base and it seems as though should he gain power again, the changes to the US government will be so quick and so severe that they could very well meet the definition of a “counter-revolution.”

Or, put another way, MAGA taking power in 2025 could one day be looked back upon as the American equivalent of the Nazis taking power in Germany in 1933. It really could be that bad.

And, yet, the United States is far bigger and diverse than Germany in 1933. So, if MAGA really is as racialized at that point as I fear, the country probably really will descend into some sort of chaos. Blue states will leave the Union. There will be coups and counter-coups.

But it definitely seems as though a lot of the MAGA base wants an honest-to-God (counter) revolution. They really do want to burn the country to the ground and have an excuse to use their AR-15s to murder people like me in cold, political blood.

I don’t know. The one thing that people keep hoping will happen — that MAGA will somehow magically come to its senses — isn’t going to happen. I think a lot of our problems come from the United States being a lot less stable than we all think at the moment.

We’re officially in the political Danger Zone when virtually anything might happen.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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