To Think, The FBI Is ‘Trumplandia’

by Shelt Garner

One of the strangest, most curious political developments in modern American history is the rise of the anti-FBI Right. Now, obviously, this is a quirk caused specifically by how the fucking cocksucker MAGA New Right hates that their Fuhrer is being held accountable, at last.

So, they get all squirrely and attack the source of the problem — the FBI. And, yet, in 2016, the FBI was described as “Trumplandia.” So, it’s all very strange. I suppose the point of all of this is, as MAGA grows more and more radical they are so determined to destroy anything that stands in their way that they don’t stop to think that most of the FBI agrees with them.

It’s one of those things where the FBI, by just doing its job, finds itself at loggerheads with a group it supports (in general.) This is a very unstable situation and it could be that once MAGA gains power again they will burn the whole thing to the ground and replace it with something a lot closer to the SS or SA than what you might think — the gestapo.

This whole situation is very surreal. And there’s no ready endgame. And, as such, we continued to be in a lingering, chronic crisis. The key issue is — there will be no “pivot” to DeSantis or anyone else for that matter. The MAGA base is enraged by the very legal, very justified raid on Mar-a-Lago and, as such, GQP elected officials are being dragged into a more and more absolute stance when it comes to Trump.

As such, there could very well come a point where the FBI, despite it all its empathy for the fucking MAGA New Right fascists, could, well, be “restructured” by the second Trump Administration to the point that it’s nothing more than an arm of the Republican Party.

America is far, far more unstable than we’re willing to admit to ourselves. Trump is so deranged and stupid that he could very well go transactional and tell his more and more radical followers to attack the FBI directly. The FBI HQ in DC, agents and various field offices across the country could be attacked by AR-15 welding MAGA nutjobs who want to martyr themselves for the Dear Leader.

I know that sounds very hysterical, but I also know that that is now at least within the realm of possibility.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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