MAGA Is Radicalizing

by Shelt Garner

I hate to break it to you folks, but Trump now has America’s fate in his tiny, tiny hands. For some inexplicable reason, we’re reaching a political Singularity whereby two absolutes are going to collide — the absolute desire to protect the Fuhrer on the part of MAGA and the government’s absolute need to hold Trump criminally accountable.

I have long poo-pooed the idea that we’re going to have any sort of MAGA civil war or “revolution.” And, yet, it would not take too many MAGA lone wolves using their beloved AR-15s before something akin to a “MAGA revolution” would be marketed by the press.

There’s only be one time when Trump went something akin to transactional and that was January 6th. He did it because he was desperate and he thought maybe he could stay in power by simply inciting a mob to scare the shit out of Mike Pence.

So, if there was a real chance that Trump was going to be indicted and arrested, he could very well feel so trapped that he starts to demand that states begin to secede from the Union to put pressure on the Federal government to back off. If he did something so dumb, I could see Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, West Virginia, (maybe) Florida and definitely a number of low-population mountain states could do just that.

And, as is usual with Trump’s bullshit — he wouldn’t at least a first, even mean it. He would just be desperate and want to scare the Federal government into giving up. Only when things inevitably went out of control would he get really into destroying the country.

But that is very much very fantastical at the moment. A lot would still have to happen before Trump would feel so trapped that he would actually go transactional and demand states leave the Union.

Yet, it’s something to think about because MAGA is definitely radicalizing. And that radicalization is only going to get worse. To the point that when they steal the 2024 election the choice between autocracy and civil war could be so stark that there really will be no endgame.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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