Mulling The Implications of Trump’s Second Term

by Shelt Garner

It definitely seems these days that America has collectively given the fuck up. A solid 38% of the electorate hates democracy and wants the establishment of a white Christian autocratic ethnostate. As such, it makes one wonder what Trump’s second term might be like.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Dalton, Ga., on Jan. 4, 2021.

I think a lot depends on if Democrats take the House in 2024 or not. I don’t think they will be a very effective check on Autocrat Trump, but there is a real chance that he will be impeached again for various dictatorial actions. And given all the pretty dark things we know Trump wants to do in his second term, it does make you wonder about if there are any conditions that might cause the Senate to convict.

The short answer, is, of course, no. And even if they did somehow convict Trump, I can only imagine that his veep would be even fucking worse than Trump for various reasons.

So, I think we have to accept that Trump’s second term will likely cause a significant center-Left brain drain out of the United States starting Election Day night. All those fucking smug Twitter liberals with their circle jerk podcasts will use their second passports to decamp to various places around the globe. We Poors will be forced to fend for themselves.

What’s more, I think early in Trump’s second term, the demand for a Constitutional Convention will reach a critical mass. Soon enough, a MAGA-run Constitutional Convention will reimagine the Constitution so it has MAGA Enabling Acts built into it.

Even before that happens, Trump will fire several hundred thousand members of the “deep state” in an illegal act that will produce chaos and will only eventually be sorted in the courts one way or another. But, lulz, Trump may just ignore whatever rulings go against his tyrannical desires.

And, really, there is one thing that Trump might do that could potentially cause his downfall — if he somehow manages to fuck with America’s self-perception of itself as a democracy. Just as the Romans hated kings, so, too, do Americans perceive themselves as a democracy, even if the MAGA fucktards babble on about how we’re “actually a constitutional republic.”

It is also possible that should Trump do what we all fear he will do — weaponize the existing ICE infrastructure — that a lot of well meaning Traditionalists who, to date, have supported Trump’s bonkers fascist policies might, at last, sit up and take notice because people close to them might be “disappeared.”

So, I think the weakness of apparently inevitable transition into a white Christian ethnostate will be in the implementation. If Trump rushes the final strangle of American democracy because he’s a fucking chaos agent, then it’s possible there COULD be some sort of popular revolt against his tyranny. But that’s very, very speculative.

There are just way too many known unknowns. In general, America is probably going to peacefully transition into a white Christian ethnostate. But….it’s at least possible that something rather historic might happen if Trump manages to fuckup or decent into that new form of government.

Who knows.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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