Rage Against The Machine: Plotting A Glorious Revolution In Early 2025

by Ender

To My Fellow New Lincolnites

I love scenarios. So, let’s game how out Radical Moderates might topple Tyrant Trump when it becomes clear that he’s going full tyrant. This is just for fun. I mean no harm. And, besides, no one takes me seriously or listens to me, anyway. Lulz!

General Strike
If New Lincolnites and Radical Moderates of all political stripes could organize some sort of General Strike that would be the first indication that Tyrant Trump was in trouble. I would appeal to women. I would make it clear to women that Tyrant Trump wanted to ban abortion — and contraception of any sort — and if they just didn’t show up to work then maybe malignant ding-dong Tyrant Trump might sit up and taken notice.

Take Trump Tower

I hate violence, so this is just me spit-balling. But if you could organize the “taking of Trump Tower” that would be way to fucking rattle Tyrant Trump’s cage. Burn the shithole to the ground. Hopefully without anyone getting hurt.

Seize New York City

If you could somehow have a general uprising in New York City to the point that you had something along the lines of a “Free City” that, too, would be a way to hobble Tyrant Trump’s attempts to size control. Again, I don’t want anyone to get hurt! This is just a daydream!

Co-opt The U.S. Military

Our best best to topple ding-dong Tyrant Trump is to co-opt the U.S. Military. Get all the talking heads on TV to beg the U.S. Military to ignore Tyrant Trump’s orders. Given that the U.S. Military on an institutional basis just doesn’t want to get involved….you invoke your secret weapon.

Invoke The 14th Amendment

It is clear that Trump can’t even *be* president because of his involvement in the January 6th Insurrection. So, while you’re crippling the country with a Women’s Strike, you appeal to the U.S. Military by saying, “You’re still acting legally by toppling Trump because he can’t even be POTUS because of the 14th Amendment.”

Demand A Constitutional Convention

Another goal of the General Strike (Women’s Strike) would be a Constitutional Convention. And it would be organized in a way not to give MAGA the ability to fuck things up. (Having the U.S. Military on your side is pretty cool.)

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