‘Shadow Banned’

by Shelt Garner

The last few days absolutely no one has been looking at this Website. It’s almost as if even on the Web I’ve been shadowbanned. Or, maybe, I’m just more boring than usual.

But I still have the novel I’m working on.

It’s going quite well. The more I drink the faster I can write, natch.

Why Does Everything Have To Be So Dumb? #TrumpTulsaRally

by Shelt Garner

You could not think up a worst beginning for a catastrophe. A bunch of people screaming in an enclose space for two hours, screaming at the president during a pandemic. What’s more, all of this is taking place in one of the worst-hit states in the Union.

It’s all very, very, VERY DUMB.

And, yet, here we are.

Really, all you have to do is have Trump finally snap mentally in the next few days and you pretty much have the absolute worst case scenario. But that last bit is probably going to be saved for the middle of his second term when The Kooch (or whomever) is his Veep. Someone young, organized and capable of shepherding Enabling Acts through a Constitutional Convention.

Trump is just a deranged moron who is extremely lucky.

It will, however, be interesting to see if we reach any sort of acute crisis in the coming days that throws everything out of whack as we head towards Election Day. I do know, however, that Trump is going to steal the election. Autocrats never lose, not even a very dumb one like Trump.

A Major Recalibration

by Shelt Garner

Welp, I guess I didn’t have things locked down after all. I’m going to have to rework a whole lot of the outline I’ve been pounding away on because the it simply fell apart.

I had a system crash, if you will.

But there’s so much good about it, that once I turn things around in a few days, I’ll still be on track to finishing the outline by around the end of the Fourth of July Weekend. I’m really pleased with the novel, it’s just the learning curve is so much sharper than I could have possibly imagined.

And, yet, that’s part of the adventure of it all, I guess. Why you do it in the first place.