Why A Second American Civil War Would Be Far Worst Than People Imagine

by Shelt Garner

At the moment, at least, America is on edge. Because of the Texas suit at SCOTUS right now, pretty much the entire country is worried that the Court will take it up, rule in Texas’ favor and Trump will “not lose.” I say this knowing that using virtually any metric, the case is pretty much just a publicity stunt.

Me, 2024.

And, yet, it is easy to imagine that everything goes wrong for America. The case is heard, SCOTUS rules in Texas’ favor and Trump “doesn’t lose.” It definitely seems that on a political level, at least this is a very rea possibility. The whole point of the Trump’s three SCOTUS appointments was to ensure they voted for him in just this specific situation. I see a 6-3 vote in Trump’s favor if SCOTUS actually hears the case — which it still may not.

Then what?

Well, my guess is a sudden wave of rolling political violence across the country would force a huge amount of domestic political refugees. Reds in Blue states and Blues and Red state would bounce around until they felt safe. And THAT is the thing people who are so eager for a civil war don’t realize — once the two sides consolidate any civil war is going to get pretty bloody pretty quick.

Our future.

Add to this that it’s possible not not even the U.S. Military will avoid a division into Blue and Red and, well, not only is the United States fucked, but the entire world. As soon as we have our Fort Sumter moment and the fighting begins, four or five regional wars across the globe will break out.

So, really, pretty much the fate of humanity will then be at risk because of a failed TV gameshow host. Places like NYC might have a regular old revolution with some sort of Revolutionary government.

Soon enough, the two sides will get really radical and it goes without saying that the massive amounts of WMD floating around the United State will be inevitably seized by both groups and millions and millions of people will die in the ensuing civil war or revolution.

MAGA 2024.

The United States bombs — and gasses — itself into the stone age over the next 4 to 5 years until some sort of Man on a Horse pops up and unites the country again. Or something. I have no idea what would happen.

All I know is it would suck.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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