The New Normal Of Fascist America

by Shelt Garner

We have to accept that America is now a fascist state. And, really, this was the only logical endgame for any of this. The moment Trump came down the escalator and started ranting about Mexicans and didn’t get laughed off the stage was the moment America’s fate was sealed.

So this is it.

America is a fascist state.

No going back.

What is so annoying to me is Twitter liberals are extremely delusional. They refuse to acknowledge that the time for scoring points on social media is over. Now is the time for everyone who remembers when America really was “great” (which was 2016, by the way) to figure out how to survive the new normal of a fascist America.

Trump is — in broad daylight — stealing the 2020 Election in several different ways, cheered on by his fucking fascists MAGA supporters. They want what I see as a nightmare. So, really, the only issue at this point is how far past Election Night is it that Trump successfully steals the election. The longer it takes him to wrap it up, the more likely his ham-handed attempts to win will radicalize people on both sides of the political equation.

In the end, both sides will absolutely believe their guy won the presidency and that was spark a wave of violence that will likely be marketed in the press as a “Second American Civil War.”

The fucking fascists will win, of course. They’re simply too bloodthirsty at this point for anything else to happen. And, really, the only thing that will change once Trump steals the election will be American self-perception.

There’s just too much momentum at this point for what is already a reality — America is a fascist state — not to be fully implemented within, say, 18 months from the 2020 Election wrapping up. As I’ve said before, Trump — or his allies — will purge or buy any media they see as hostile. Any discussion of politics will be of the FOX News or OANN variety. The new wave of comics across late night will be women or minorities but they strangely won’t talk about politics at all.

Then the United States leaves NATO and signs an alliance with Russia.

The only way we’re going to know people are being snatched off the street or pushed out windows will be from foreign news sources. American media won’t say a word.

And even social media will begin to regulate what can be said about House Trump soon enough.

A Constitutional Convention will be called and American Enabling Acts will be passed.

I honestly don’t have any advice at this point as to what to do about any of this. We weren’t willing to play dirty against House Trump when the House flipped and so here we are. While there might be some violence as the final consolidation of power by House Trump takes place, in the end, it simply will be too little too late.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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