Should We Be Worried About Gen. Mike Flynn’s Brother?

by Shelt Garner

Gen. Mike Flynn is…something. He’s a favorite of the far, far, far Right to the point that I could see a scenario where Trump named him his 2024 veep. Then there is the issue of his brother, who is, as I understand it, the head of the U.S. Pacific Command.

Let me get some things clear. I don’t know anything about the man or his political leanings. And I know that it’s very possible for two brothers to be very different. So, on the face of it, there’s no reason to worry about bonkers Mike Flynn’s brother being in such a position of military power.

The only reason why this is even an issue is if we have the massive fucking clusterfuck that I fear we might have in late 2024, early 2025 the idea that someone who might share Mike Flynn’s politics in in control of a huge, powerful swath of the American Military is definitely something….to think about.

But I’m always wrong. And, for the moment, I think I’m being a little too paranoid. Mike Flynn’s brother is probably just a regular guy who is serving his country like anyone else in his position.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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