Well, On A Personal Note, America’s Transformation Into An Autocracy In 2025 Would Help My Novel Project Be A Success

by Shelt Garner

I started working on a novel a number of years ago because of my white hot rage against the rise of Trumplandia. I had all this anger that I needed to do something with so I decided to write a novel that would be an analogy about the problems in the modern America.

That one novel turned into two novels and then when Trump lost, I decided to tell the backstory of how the unique situation in the small town I dreamed up came to be. Soon enough, I had six novels I was working on. The novel I’m currently working on is the first and is set in late 1994, early 1995.

If we do, in fact, turn into an autocracy in 2025, then the whole point of the six novel project will be pretty timely. I may have to write the novels in exile because a weaponized ICE might want to murder me for being a loudmouth crank, but, lulz, at least project will be as popular as I believe it should be.

Of course, it’s possible that we’ll have a civil war (Reds) or a revolution (Blues) starting in late 2024, early 2025 and, well, there you go. I may be too busy being a domestic political refugee to worry about finishing any sort of novel.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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