An American Military Coup In 2025 Is Now A Viable Option

By Ender

While it’s EXTREMELY UNLIKELY, it’s at least *possible* that some combination of a General Strike, a much-delayed invocation of the 14th Amendment and a military coup might happen in the United States at some point starting in early 2025.

The reason is simple — Trump and his Agenda47 & Project 2025 simply believe that invoking the Insurrection Act will magically allow them to pin the American populace down while they transition us into some sort of autocratic military dictatorship.

That’s not these things work. That’s not how any of this works!

The U.S. Military is a very pro-democratic (small d) institution and no amount of filling the Defense Department with a bunch hand-picked fascist goons will change that. And they can fire all the leaders in the military they like, too — they would be grasping at straws because they don’t have an SA. They don’t have a paramilitary group at their beck and call to knock heads on a practical basis.

And, what’s more, even if MAGA is plotting so top secret large-scale paramilitary organization, the 2025 USA is not 1933 Weimar Germany. The US is a very decentralized country will millions of people, a large land footprint and a long, deep tradition of democracy.

That is why if anyone else was in Trump’s position, then, yeah, I could see us peacefully transitioning into a MAGA-themed autocracy. Because they would be smart about it and slowly, bit by bit transition us into a managed democracy like what is found in Russia, Turkey and Hungary.

But this is malignant ding-dong Trump we’re talking about. He’s going to swoop in and frantically try to get revenge on anyone who has hurt his fee-fees to the point that he could very well shock a lot, A LOT of those sweet, sweet Traditionalists who to date have been willing to be quite simply so they can put kids in cages.

I say this as someone who has come to believe that the only “red line” for Traditionalists when it comes to MAGA Nazis is the personal. So it doesn’t really matter what the use, the Insurrection Act or some super-secret expansion of the Patriot Front — the moment MAGA Nazis are to, well, act like MAGA Nazis, there is probably going to be some sort of mass uprising in the United States.

Now, if anyone would listen to me — but they never do — what I would do is start NOW to organize some sort of Women’s Strike. Start to tell women across the country that if Trump is re-elected and he goes full Nazi tyrant, to simply not go to work. En masse. For a few days.

Remember, any reaction on the part of MAGA Nazi Tyrant Trump would probably evoke a severe response from Americans who otherwise wise don’t even think about politics. If Trump tries to crush a Women’s strike using the Insurrection Act OR via some expanded Patriot Front, it would not happen in a vacuum.

There would be consquences.

Now, in my fevered imagination, once a few very pissed off women stopped going to work, you could use that momentum to organize a General Strike. Then you pitch the idea to the U.S. Military that *legally* Trump and his toady Veep aren’t even legally in office.

Ta-da. There you go. End Trump problem. Now, doing that would cause a series of OTHER problems. You would have to make sure the Speaker of the House wasn’t MAGA Mike. And you would also need to somehow force a non-MAGA aligned Constitutional Convention be called up.

This whole plot has been complicated just now by the fact that a judge has determined that the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to Trump. But will note that during Reconstruction there were some…novel…interpretations of the Constitutional that would be similar to how a Radical Moderate might use against Trump to oust him.

But, anyway….lulz. No one listens to me. No one cares.

Keep the faith.

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