The Vision Thing: How To Topple Tyrant Trump’s MAGA Nazi Regime

by Ender
Absolutely no one listens to me, so this is just me having some fun using my native tendency to run scenarios. As I keep saying, at the moment it seems as though the MAGA Nazi plot against America being concocted by Agenda47 and Project 2025 has a crucial flaw: no paramilitary group.

Tyrant Trump, because he is a lazy doofus, simply assumes that if he invokes the Insurrection Act that that, unto itself, will be enough to pacify a restless nation mad at him for going full MAGA Nazi tyrant.

The crux of the issue is, well, Trump.

Any other Republican — ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN — could peacefully shepherd us into an autocratic managed democracy without any problems. American democracy is on its last legs.

But this is ding-dong Trump. So he’s going to come into power in 2025 and frantically do all sorts of things that will really, really piss people off — many of them Traditionalists — and, as such, prime the country for something we’ve never seen before: a military coup.

Now, remember, even if Trump has some sort of secret underground mass of paramilitary people waiting to pop out in late January 2025, he can’t use them to do what the Nazis used the SA to do — browbeat people into submission. The country is too big, too decentralized and has too strong a democratic tradition.

So, if the MAGA Nazis “win” it will be because Radical Moderates let them win. As such, as I’ve written before, what I would do is organize some sort of massive strike. Women, because they really, really hate Trump, would be the perfect group to lean into with any sort of national strike. At least at first.

But for either a Women’s Strike are a General Strike to work, things would have to be really, really, REALLY bad. Americans, in general, are pretty laid back. We just don’t even think in terms of a General Strike. We think if we vote, thing gradually we get what we want. So for a General Strike to happen, Trump would have to have corrupted the administration of justice in such a conspicuous, dramatic way that millions of Americans would freak the fuck out.

I think if things did get that bad, then you have a Women’s Strike, then a General Strike and then you appeal to the U.S. Military to remove Tyrant Trump because of the 14th Amendment. I know a court in Colorado spit the difference on that issue just today, but if the U.S. Military is involved, that, unto itself, would be enough pressure to get the courts to say, “Yeah, Trump can’t even be in office. Have at it.”

The last goal of any General Strike would be the calling up of a Constitutional Convention. But it would have to be done in such a way that the fucking MAGA Nazis couldn’t cram through MAGA Nazi Enabling Acts.

One last thing — none of this would happen in a vacuum. It would not be fun. It would be scary as hell because there is a pretty good chance that if we did manage to topple Tyrant Trump, that there would be a Secession Crisis because of it as Red States left the Union in protest.

So, I don’t want any of this to really happen. I just like to run scenarios. I like to make my abstract fears concrete. Keep the faith.

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