Project 2025: Election Night 2023, Abortion Rights & The Lack Of A MAGA Nazi SA

I suspect the lesson that MAGA Nazis will learn from their rebuke last night at the polls when it comes to abortion rights will not be to moderate to win elections, but to hasten the end of American democracy. In other words, they are so consumed with their moral objection to women having medical agency, that they will simply bide their time until they can abolish the Senate filibuster and pass a national fetal personhood bill.

And that’s probably the the best case scenario, all things considered. The worst case scenario would be MAGA Nazis involved in Project 2025 figure out some way to use extralegal methods to outlaw abortion, even if its still legal. But for that to happen, they the ranks of The Patriot Front would have to swell significantly.

I continue to think about how there is a gaping hole in the MAGA Nazi Project 2025 plan. They really think that brazenly corruption of both the law and the administration of the executive will be enough to browbeat the 60% of the American Population that still believes in the Second Republic.

Project 2025 people seem to have a childlike belief that whatever reaction they get from the populace from their tyranny they can fix using the Insurrection Act. Those hateful ding-dongs don’t have what the Nazis had in 1933: the SA. If anything gives me hope that maybe we can fight back against the MAGA Nazis is that lack of a big MAGA Nazi paramilitary arm.

I suppose that particular flaw in Project 2025 could be fixed — they still have a year, after all. And I suppose their may be some secret element of Project 2025 involving making a direct link between MAGA Nazi tyranny and the use of The Patriot Front to knock heads.

But even if they were going to do that in early 2025, there would be some lag time between when people began to riot in the streets of Blue States, the U.S. Military balking at crushing them and the establishment of a direct link between Tyrant Trump’s regime and The Patriot Front.

Who knows.

Keep the faith.

Yours in liberty,


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