Project 2025: The MAGA Nazi Patriot Front Is No Nazi SA

Dear New Lincolnites,

The Nazi’s SA paramilitary group was instrumental in the fascist’s consolidation of power in the early days of their rule. It is clear that the MAGA Nazi Project 2025 believes that they will do via the corruption of the law and administration of government what the Nazis used the SA to do in the streets. Their thinking is that Americans will adhere to the law, even if its been corrupted by a bunch of fucking MAGA Nazi hacks.

It seems as though Project 2025 organizers think they can use the cover of the Insurrection Act to get the U.S. Military to bash heads in like the SA did in 1933. This is a curious assumption — on an institutional basis, the U.S. Military will not be thrilled to be an operational arm of the MAGA Nazis in the streets when freedom loving Americans begin to protest.

There are a number of would-be SA groups floating around in the United States at the moment. The Proud Boys. The Oath Keepers. And, of course The Patriot Front. Of all these groups, it seems as though The Patriot Front has the organization and focus to be the American SA. (I’m sure they would see this as a compliment.)

But as best I can tell, The Patriot Front is kind of small compared to the SA in early 1933 Germany. What’s more, the link between MAGA and The Patriot Front is not nearly as direct. In other words, Republicans don’t have an official paramilitary arm — at least not yet. It seems the thinking of the MAGA Nazis is they can simply browbeat everyday Americans into accepting MAGA tyranny through a combination of the corruption of the law and administration of government while using the Insurrection Act to knock the heads of anyone with the temerity to object.

And, yet, if things grow as severe as all of us worry they will, it’s possible that the lack of a MAGA SA will be the thing that pushes America past the point of no return. MAGA Nazis simply relying upon the U.S. Military to supply a “value added” element to their hateful tyranny seems a recipe for disaster.

What happens if the U.S. Military balks at murdering peaceful protesters in the streets and turns on the tyrannical Trump Administration? Then what? Even if they successfully deposed Tyrant Trump, 38% of the electorate would, in turn, freak out and probably we would have a Secession Crisis on our hands.

I suppose it’s possible that it’s possible that Trump won’t win re-election and we’ll punt our severe structural problems down the road four years — again. That’s what I *HOPE* happens. But we have to begin to think now about what freedom loving people, citizens who honor Abraham Lincoln, are going to do should Tyrant Trump get a second chance to throttle the Second Republic that Lincoln founded upon his death.

Keep the faith.

Yours in liberty,


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