The Key Thing That Will Make The Beginning Of Trump’s Second Term Different: People Will Leave The Country In Droves

by Shelt Garner

If malignant ding-dong Trump manages to get re-elected in 2024, the thing that will make everyone in the Unites States take notice will be the sheer number of people who will flee the country. And it could be more than just the usual loudmouth Twitter liberals.

It could be some really notable people in American culture who bounce. To the point that it could begin to be compared to what happened when Hitler took over Germany in 1933. And, if it gets bad enough, it will be referred to as an “American Brain Drain.”

To put another way — the moment it’s clear that Trump has won the 2024 Election, there will be mass chaos in the United States that will either end with the establishment of a military dictatorship or…..?


I’m just pointing out the obvious — Trump may very well push average American to unprecedented extremes. It’s one thing for a lot of well meaning Traditionalists to kick out 10 million undocumented people and a whole different matter when their crank liberal-progressive relative (that would be me) gets sent to a camp.

The United States of 2025 is not Germany 1933. And while there will be PLENTY of “Good Germans” if things get as bad as I fear, the Untied States is so diverse and decentralized — and Trump doesn’t have an SA to be his goons — if, say, a weaponized ICE infrastructure dragnet puts people like me in a camp…who knows what might happen.


Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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