CPAC’s Plot Against America

by Shelt Garner

As a loudmouth crank, the idea that the American Far Right is publicly and conspicuously embracing an autocratic thug like Hungary’s Viktor Orbán by giving him a starring role at the current CPAC meeting give me pause for thought. For a number of reasons, there is not a direct 1-to-1 between the United States and Hungary politically. Should the States slide into autocracy there’s a chance that we wouldn’t stop at a Hungary-style version. We could — glup — very well careen towards an autocracy that looks a lot more like Russia or Nazi Germany.

Issues like race, the far more flexible role of women, income disparity and the being a much, much bigger nation cause the US to either drive into the ditch of hard core, old school fascism or, well, a civil war.

But I’ve all but convinced myself that we’re not going to have a civil war. The center Left in the US is just so concerned about dumb shit that it’s going to be totally outmaneuvered by American fascists like those at CPAC when the time comes. It definitely seems as though this is pretty much a forgone conclusion. The only doubt that it will happen is, well, I can’t predict the future and, as such, there’s always a chance that something I can’t expect might happen instead.

Viktor Orbán

What that might be, I don’t know.

The point is — it’s wishful thinking on the part of CPAC that they will get a Hungary-style autocracy in the United States. They are probably going to get an autocracy, but soon enough, once the connection between the governed and the government no longer exists, MAGA will consume the United States like the Nazis did Germany and, well, either get out or think long and hard about what you believe in, in the real world.

Long “Mueller, She Wrote” rants about how Trump is just about to be arrested won’t cut it anymore.

CPAC Is Hungary Like The Orban

by Shelt Garner

The thing about America’s drift into autocratic fascism is it’s all happening in broad daylight. It’s not like the American Right is hiding its infatuation with people like Hungary’s Viktor Orbán. In fact, CPAC, one of the major organizations for fucking American cocksucker fascists keeps wanting to have a mass fuck session with him, it appears.

Viktor Orbán

In short, people like CPAC are very vocal in how much they want the United States to turn into a Hungary-style autocratic state. As I understand it, Hungary’s style of authoritarianism is bad, but not Russia bad. It’s essentially a one party state but, on the surface at least, it’s a functioning democracy. But it’s an “illiberal” democracy.

The exact term is “managed democracy.”

So, back to the United States. There are two major things to consider going forward as the United States drifts into autocracy. One is, because of the natural ebb and flow of what’s left of our democracy, it’s inevitable that a fascist Republican will become president again and that will be that — Trump, or someone like Trump, will enact the “Schedule F” idea and purge 50,000 civil servants.

These civil servants will be replaced with MAGA toadies and we will find ourselves with an actual Deep State — in this case, a MAGA Deep State. The very idea of a “Deep State” comes from Middle Eastern countries with a history of autocracy that can’t get anything done when the autocrat is toppled because of the “Deep State” that is still loyal to the autocrat. It’s this Schedule F bullshit that will be the thing that causes the average person to notice a change in their relationship to the Federal government.

For fucking MAGA cocksuckers, they will get a boner from this change in practical administration of the “administrative state” until, of course, things get personal and they have to figure out how to get their drunk relative out of an ICE camp because they call President DeSantis a fucking cocksucker. (That would be me, by the way.)

Matt Schlapp, head of CPAC

The other thing to consider is America isn’t Hungary. America is very diverse in a variety of ways that Hungary isn’t. As such, it’s pretty easy to imagine once CPAC gets that white Christian ethno state they want so bad that things are going to get A LOT more severely autocratic than just Hungary. Especially in the South, there will be a natural inclination on the part of autocratic state governments to go after African Americans.

Once the connection between the governed and the government doesn’t exist anymore, then some pretty dark shit can start to happen. I still believe that there is a real chance that, in the end, MAGA will result in more deaths that the Nazis.

Let that sink in. And those of us who survive are going to be left wondering how it happened to a nation like the USA, just like they do now with Germany. Good luck. Get out if you can.