All Jokes Aside, Will MAGA Nazis Weaponize The Existing ICE Infrastructure Starting In 2025?

by Shelt Garner

Given the legalistic nature of the autocracy that MAGA Nazis envision once Tyrant Trump is in power again, it seem clear that the existing ICE infrastructure is ripe for weaponization. If that happened, then I think ICE would become equivalent to the Nazi gestapo — or maybe even the SS if things got dark enough.

So, what might happen is, Trump becomes president. He has a MAGA controlled Congress. When MAGA isn’t passing legislation outlawing abortion and non fault divorce, I could see some sort of legislation dramatically re-defining the purpose and goals of ICE.

It would happen with a lot of smoke and mirrors, but the point would be to give Tyrant Trump a secret police he could use to bash heads. As I understand it, there is a “extended boarder area” that extends far past the actual border that ICE might use to “check the papers” of people randomly. If it turned out they wrote on their blog what a fucking small dicked cocksucker Tyrant Trump is, they get scooped up and thrown into an already-existent ICE camp.

As an aside, I am curious as to when the MAGA Youth and MAGA SA will come into existence. I’m sure it will be within the first 100 days of Tyrant Trump’s return to office, but those are 100 days that could give us anti-MAGA Poors time to realize what’s up and organize some sort of national collective action.

Or not. Most of the people who would organize such a thing will have already fled the country for Europe and beyond by that point. Lulz.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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