A Flaw In Project 2025

by Shelt Garner

As I read up on the Nazi consolidation of power in early 1933, I continue to find an interesting flaw in the MAGA Nazi Project 2025 conspiracy. They seem to have a child-like belief that just by having the Insurrection Act in their back pocket they can go about their merry business corrupting the administration of justice.

This is similar how in the days leading up to the Insurrection, John Eastman just kind of waved a hand and said that SCOTUS would be their failsafe. Whatever problems they had in implementing the plot, they knew that the majority MAGA SCOTUS would have their back.

But the thing about the U.S. Military is I’m not willing to assume that they’re willing to be Tyrant Trump’s enforcers, even if there is a thin veneer of legality over Trump’s orders. What the fucking MAGA Nazis are going to probably realize soon enough is that they need a paramilitary arm.

The question is, what happens between the time they invoke the Insurrection Act and when they realize that lulz, maybe the U.S. Military thinks the fucking MAGA Nazis are full of shit and balks at crushing opposition to Project 2025? But it makes a lot of sense that Tyrant Trump at some point in his first 100 days would realize he needed an SA-like organization.

I see there being two possible solutions to his tyrannical problem. One is, he simply weaponizes the already existing ICE infrastructure and turns it into something along the lines of the SS, rather than the SA. That seems the quickest way to “legally” crush dissent. Simply increase the size of ICE dramatically and train them to knock heads.

Meanwhile, there *are* a lot of different little paramilitary groups floating around who are just begging to become the official goons of Tyrant Trump. But that would take time to organize and ramp up. And, what’s more, the United States in 2025 is not Germany in 1933.

The United States is far more decentralized, has a far bigger population and a far stronger tradition of democracy to the point that “land of the free” is kind of our brand. So if Tyrant Trump organizes a paramilitary group to organize and murder people using extra-legal means….people might notice and care.

What is clear to me is that Project 2025 is nothing more than a set up for revolution and counter-revolution (civil war.) In fact, if Project 2025 “catches the car” it seems that we’re on the eve of a historical event unequalled since the French Revolution.

Keep the faith.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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